Life-Long Learning and a Test

Twice a year, the IT Directors and the Technology Coordinators in the Independent Schools of the Lake Michigan Area (LMAIS), whose membership is schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, get together and meet. We hosted the last meeting in October and one of the items that we talked about was to create a workspace for other technology leaders in their schools to play around with. One of those spaces that we decided to test and try was ELGG.

Chris Butera, the Director of Technology at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School offered to take the lead in this project. I ran into him at the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators (IL-TCE) last week and he acknowledged that we needed to get this up and started..

Imagine my surprise when I found he had created a community on and asked me to join. So, I am testing the blogging feature to make sure that this will attach to my blog site, so I can learn more about this new space.

We need to remember that we need to model life-long learning if we expect others in our learning communities to buy into the concept as well.

<What I have learned is that it currently seems to be a one way communication, from this blog to my elgg space. Guess I have to test and research more.>

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