The Second Day of School

Life was too chaotic to even think about a post on the first day. Learning the responsibilities for the morning drop-off duty that I have three days a week, attending and introducing myself at a Lower School coffee, meeting with six classes of Middle School students to collect passwords for the new electronic communities that we are rolling out later this week, meeting about the status of the iPad rollout in the art classrooms, meeting with a group of 7th graders to begin the conversation about digital citizenship and responsible computer use, and my first meeting of a Game Design only to find out that the group of twelve students had a wide range of previous experience and a wider range of desired goals for themselves prevented me from sitting back and reflecting about the day. I am tired just reflecting on this list.

The first day of school always seems like a mad rush. The first day in a brand new school even more so. There are names to learn, new routines that disorient the more relaxed summer flow and pace. There is getting used to an earlier and shorter lunch period or on a day like yesterday, getting used to wolfing down lunch in less than four minutes flat. There is an excitement and buzz that exists around the first day of school. Everything is new. You are wearing your best new outfit to put the best positive foot forward on this day of renewal.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted, more mentally than physically, but I will admit that the morning seems to arrive much earlier than I remember. But it was a good exhausted, one which left me energized and excited, about the second day, the rest of the week, and the rest of the school year. I can tell that it is going to be one full of challenges and excitement.

And on the second day, while the buzz still exists, both students and teachers are starting to return to the habits and pace of school. Frantic has been replaced by intense. It is exciting be a part of the new learning community, with the multitude of projects competing for time and attention.

I cannot wait to see what the third day brings, what successes and new challenges emerge.

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