The Power of the Words and Blogs

Blogging is a very powerful tool. All of you who do it already know this. We have all heard of examples where this medium has made the world smaller, especially Will Richardson’s and his student’s experience with Sue Monk Kidd and Eric Langhorst’s experiences with Guerilla Season.  I have my own experience to share. I am a new blogger. One of my earlier posts was my excitement being able to work with the juniors in my class on a service learning project after reading Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea. Over the winter holiday, a comment from Greg appeared on […]

Group Membership and Validation

I have been reading the commentary from others about the ideas which have arisen from the conversation that Steve Hargadon’s conversation with Will Richardson about blogging. Of particular interest to me are the comments from an old friend, Andy Carvin on his about avoiding the usual pool of thoughts and Jeff Utecht’s posting which led me back to Bud the Teacher and David Jake’s comments on some of the complaints that it is difficult to reach a critical mass of readership in the thoughts that we choose to share. While walking the dog this afternoon, in between catching the […]

Winter Break Reading

One of the joys of a break, especially Winter Break, is curling up with a good book or two or three. I got this love of reading over extended periods of time from my mother, whose first job when my sister and I went back to school full-time was as a part-time school librarian. I always looked forward to find out what books she brought home during extended breaks to catalog. I think that she was just letting me have access to the books before anyone else did. This is a memory that I will cherish forever. This Winter Break […]