If you could pick a speaker, who would it be?

One of the members of our school’s Parent’s Association asked me if I could recommend a speaker that could speak to the group sometime next year. The group is looking for someone to speak on the concepts of globalization and parenting. I have a few thoughts, but I wanted to throw this out to the Internet at large.

With the new tools, this person wouldn’t necessarily need to be on campus. We could set up a skype or elluminate session, which may actually be a neat way to go, since it would  show parents the power of the new tools.

So does anyone have any suggestions?

One thought on “If you could pick a speaker, who would it be?

  1. Hey Vinnie,

    Will Richardson would be great. Maybe Danah Boyd or someone from Harvard’s Berkman Center? So many choices…

    Good luck.

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