Hanging on so I don’t fall off the Rutabaga Cart

An old Upper School head, Paul Perkinson, used to remark at this point in time of the year, that it was “important to hang on so you don’t fall off of the rutabaga cart as it flies downhill towards the end of the school year.”

This year promises to be no different. This week alone, I am

  • wrapping up meetings to determine our priorities for summer acquisitions,
  • beginning to plan for summer professional development opportunities
  • begin working on creating our high school schedule
  • begin to identify yearbook editors for next year
  • go on two field trips to make sure that our 5th Graders have no problems while filming their culminating iMovie Project.

Not to mention teach my class, advise my students, and all of the other general items that need to be attended to.

At least, at the end of the week, I will get to spend Friday and Saturday at a workshop being led by Will Richardson.  I am really looking forward to slowing down just for a minute to learn more.

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