Why attend a Workshop That You May Have Already Seen

Yesterday, while sitting on Saturday morning at a workshop being presented by Will Richardson, one of the five other teachers from my school who are also in attendance asked the question, “Why are you here today when you already know the information being shared.”

While I could have decided to blow off the day and sleep in and attend the Cubs game in the afternoon, instead I decided to continue my personal learning journey. I did learned about some interesting new tools, Scribd and 21Classes that I think have potential in the classroom and I need to continue to research this summer and help others bring into the classroom.

But one of the most compelling reasons to attend is to rekindle and create new personal relationships with old friends and new friends, to share ideas, to debate different positions and reinforce my thoughts and ideas.

I will be a better teacher and learner as a result of the time that I have invested. And there will be 115 more Cubs games, more or less, that I will be able to watch.

2 thoughts on “Why attend a Workshop That You May Have Already Seen

  1. Funny that you say that. Depending on the presentation, i love seeing it multiple times. You just get more out of it, like re-reading a good book. I never get tired of seeing Will present either. Wish i could have been there!

    BTW, love the dynamic blog theme. What’s it called?

  2. We are of the same mind. Often times, we are not ready to hear the message the first time through. The second, third, or fourth, we may have grown enough that we are ready to hear and respond to the message.

    I am using the Vistered Little Word Press theme. It’s different and funky.

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