Collaborators Sought for Class Project

Normally, I do use this blog to advertise for connections. However, we were hoping to connect one of our Senior History electives with another school via the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Challenge 20/20 project. The Challenge 20/20 project creates connections between classrooms around one of the 20 problems outlines in J.F. Rischard’s High Noon: 20 Global Problems to Solve in 20 Years. We are looking for a school(s) who would want to collaborate on a unit project with our Senior Economics class which will be held in the second semester. We were unable to submit this project, since […]

Another Great Resource

At the Global Collaborations session, there was a librarian who was with a team from her school, the University School in Normal, Illinois, who created a wiki for the team to capture their notes from the conference. I had the chance to meet with her at lunch and found out how to access their Memphis Musings wiki. Thank you to the librarian, whose name I forgot to ask, for creating this great resource. Technorati Tags: laptopinstitute, laptopinstitute07

[Live Blog] – Global Collaboration

[Live Blogged – please ignore misspellings and awkward phrasing] [Simul-blogged on Multi-faceted Refractions – my home blog] Julene Reed Why Global Referenced World is Flat and A Whole New Mind Students need to be global communicators Workplace requires global collaboration, project based activitities Engages and motivates for authentic experiences. Promotes creativity and empowers Use Challenge 20/20 from National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Global relationships are important in the classroom of today. Educators want to know: 1. How do I find projects? 2. How do I find partners? Referenced her resources How do you use networking tools to develop […]

[Live Blog] – Hubs and Spokes

Jonah Howland English Department Urban School of San Francisco [Live Blogged – please ignore mispellings and awkward wording] Was a skeptic, but now sees many more advantages than the problems that they had. Skeptical that students are not as different, maybe more changes in media. Students practice acquire knowledge and make sense of it, just the media has changed. Subject is the same. Geometry, Languages, History have been around for a long time. Enterprise of teaching and learning remains the same. The online written conference Has used for five or six years. The Hub and Spoke Humanities Class Most of […]

[Live Blog] – Laptops, Libraries, and Collaboration

[Live blogged using note taking capabilities of the new tablet. Really excuse the spelling errors and awkward phrasing] Alice Bryant Harpeth Hall School   Presentation (old school)   Has done presentation in Photo Story   Has created a PowerPoint     Has attended Internet for Libraries   Rutgers presentation and research. she will shave.   Has.   Past   -students go through.     Present Now work with teachers       Future   Student Focus   Main focus.   Meet the needs of our students.     old model -Create a web quest. Librarian   did work, handed off […]