Summertime – A time for Reflection, Relaxation, and Looking Ahead

I really enjoy summertime. Even though I am on a twelve month contract (six weeks vacation) and I should be taking four consecutive weeks away from work, this summer is like most summers in that there is simply too much to do in order to be away that long. But I enjoy the pace of my summertime work, where everything is project based, so once I knock two or three items off of my list, I can simply call it a day at 1:30 p.m. in order to get away. That is until crunch time near the end of August.

Since I have been back from NECC, I have taken some time just to be. My wife and I have taken the dog for longer walks, I shirked aside the task list and got involved in a 4+ hour Monopoly game, I took my eldest daughter to a Cubs game, where the most important thing going on was not the action on the field (although, the game was one of the most exciting capped off by a game-winning homerun in the ninth inning), but rather the conversation and interactions that I had with my teen-age daughter. Today, we are going to be headed to the local outdoor mostly classical music venue for their Summer Music Celebration and then later this evening, we will be packing the whole family, including the dog, and going to the nearest drive in theater to catch Ratatouille and Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Also, since it is summer, I be sharing stories on this space. The stories will be reflective and demonstrations of projects that we did last year. Based upon the transformative success that we had last year, I will be sharing the planning processes we are going through, to get your feedback and to potentially connect with many of you. I will also use this space to tease out ideas about the role of the integration of technology towards the aim of the changing classroom experience, many of the ideas which were discussed in length at EduBloggerCon and during NECC. Lastly, I will review my summer reading, some work related, some fun, just because it is summer and I have more time to do so.

I hope that you will come back, visit, and take the time to reflect and share.

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