[Live Blog] – Hubs and Spokes

Jonah Howland English Department Urban School of San Francisco [Live Blogged – please ignore mispellings and awkward wording] Was a skeptic, but now sees many more advantages than the problems that they had. Skeptical that students are not as different, maybe more changes in media. Students practice acquire knowledge and make sense of it, just the media has changed. Subject is the same. Geometry, Languages, History have been around for a long time. Enterprise of teaching and learning remains the same. The online written conference Has used for five or six years. The Hub and Spoke Humanities Class Most of […]

[Live Blog] – Laptops, Libraries, and Collaboration

[Live blogged using note taking capabilities of the new tablet. Really excuse the spelling errors and awkward phrasing] Alice Bryant Harpeth Hall School   Presentation (old school)   Has done presentation in Photo Story   Has created a PowerPoint     Has attended Internet for Libraries   Rutgers presentation and research. she will shave.   Has.   Past   -students go through.     Present Now work with teachers       Future   Student Focus   Main focus.   Meet the needs of our students.     old model -Create a web quest. Librarian   did work, handed off […]

My Next Live Blog Experiment

In the next session that I am going to sit, Laptops, Libraries, and Collaboration, I am going to run the new tablet pc I am using through its paces. I am going to handwrite my notes, the old fashioned way, and then post them after I convert them to text. How cool will that be?

[Live Blog] – Let’s Design a new school for a 1:1 program

Jim Heynderickx What age do you start a laptop program? Jane Healy suggested 7th grade, since are ready to make a better leap to symbolic understanding. Classroom size? Early results suggest 15. What type of Demographics is best? Do laptops address digital divide issues for all students? Does it level the playing field? if so, then want to have a great opportunity? Early adopters are girls sections What type of campus would be best for this brand new school? Early adopter in rural setting to support remote learning experiences. What type of funding would you have in the new school […]

[Live Blog] Understanding Digital Kids:Teaching and Learning in a New Digital Landscape

Kids today are different. (Referenced two new Time magazine articles.) Evidence is emerging that screens are not for passive dysfunction. Students are native and wired differently. We are immigrants, we speak digital as a second language. We retain some kind of an accent. Children’s brains are chemically and neurologically different. They process in parallel, not sequential like us. Used to be assumption that by age of 3, we all had fixed memory and intellegence. What you had, you were stuck with. Long standing assumptions are changing with research over last 3 years. Highly adaptive and malliable brain. This is huge. […]