[Live Blog] – Let’s Design a new school for a 1:1 program

Jim Heynderickx

What age do you start a laptop program? Jane Healy suggested 7th grade, since are ready to make a better leap to symbolic understanding.

Classroom size? Early results suggest 15.

What type of Demographics is best? Do laptops address digital divide issues for all students?

Does it level the playing field? if so, then want to have a great opportunity?

Early adopters are girls sections

What type of campus would be best for this brand new school? Early adopter in rural setting to support remote learning experiences.

What type of funding would you have in the new school of the future? May not be able to answer until other decisions are made.

What type of School Workspaces would you want? Laptop represents a virtual workspace that does not limit spaces.

What type of classroom design, what type of furniture? Don’t want it to be comfortable in the classroom. Would they be more home like, business like, or school like?
It would be nice to have choices for different environments. Would be helpful. Not enough research to deal with ergonomic issues. A school has built ergo-nomic educational.

What is in the classrooms? Outlets, projectors, SMARTBoards, scanners, cameras, printers.
Some schools do not allow adapters, and have a charge during the course of the day. Reduce cable clutter. Wireless projectors with IP. Cleaning supplies for keyboards and screens. Should there be external mice and keyboards.

Does a laptop school have a media center, or in classrooms.

How does the library change? What would be the role of the librarian? What kind of support would there be.

XThink for tablets – mathematical equation building.

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