[Live Blog] – Will Richardson and the Read/Write Web

[This session is being live blogged. Ignore the misspellings and awkward wordings] [This post is simul-blogged at Multi-faceted Refractions] The Read/Write Web – Conference Handout (willrichardson.wikispaces.com) Refer’s to Karl Fisch’s Did You Know presentation. It is about teaching children to become life-long learners. Connectivity and transparency will become more acute, not going away. Other entities reacting to the change – Election 2008 is beginning to change how politics is changing – used Obama Social Networking site. Don’t need physical space, limits connection of passionate individuals like never before. Went to mySpace – but it was blocked. Every candidate has a […]

I Get it

This morning, while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I realized the why the laptop conference was made to be held in Memphis. More later Technorati Tags: laptopinstitute, laptopinstitute07

Laptop Conference Tags Set

Thanks to the efforts of David Warlick, who has encouraged and inspired many of us to take the leap into blogging and who has created one of the better tools, hitchhikr.com, which allows those unable to attend conferences an aggregator so that those who are cannot attend a conference a peek into what is being said and seen. It is a virtual view, like hitchhiking to the conference. I know that last summer, I hitchhiked to NECC, the Laptop Institute, and the Building Learning Communities conferences. The tags for the conference this year are: laptopinstitute laptopinstitute07 For those of you […]