Laptop Conference Tags Set

Thanks to the efforts of David Warlick, who has encouraged and inspired many of us to take the leap into blogging and who has created one of the better tools,, which allows those unable to attend conferences an aggregator so that those who are cannot attend a conference a peek into what is being said and seen. It is a virtual view, like hitchhiking to the conference. I know that last summer, I hitchhiked to NECC, the Laptop Institute, and the Building Learning Communities conferences. The tags for the conference this year are: laptopinstitute laptopinstitute07 For those of you […]

Four Essential Questions That Need Answers

Like many, I am intrigued by the promise and potential that integrating Web 2.0 tools provides for learners, both students and teachers. I know that in many instances, that I leading the charge full bore down that path because I believe that it is imperative that we provide experiences for our students to begin to construct their learning environments using these new collaborative tools. But as we delve further and further down the path, there are three questions that need to be answered before completely committing to these tools. 1. Who owns the data I will admit that I do […]

Deja Vu All Over Again – Laptop Institute Opening Keynote

This evening, I live blogged Ian Juke’s keynote presentation at the Laptop Institute in Memphis, Tennessee. To use one of my favorite quotes from that great philosopher and ball player, Yogi Berra, the message was “like deja vu all over again.” Ian recited a message that I have been hearing and am beginning to discuss on this blog, that due to the exponential growth in computing power, the exponential growth in bandwidth, the emergence of the Internet and Web 2.0 tools in the last 18 months, and the fact that we live in an age where information overwhelms its meaning […]

Living For the Future – Ian Juke’s Keynote at Laptop Institute

[This is being live blogged – please ignore mispellings and awkward wording] Talk about the issue of change. Easier to change a cemetary than curriculum – Woodrow Wilson Easier to change the course of history than a history course – Lou Salza State today – pile higher and deeper Any wonder that teachers have problems dealing with change Business, if take someone who retired 10 years ago – different landscape, a teacher would find no changes in past 10 yests. Hard to get a handle on what change has happened – is slippery and hard to determine. Hard to stand […]

Contemplating the Graceland Experience

Since Mike Peccia, our MIS Director and I got to Memphis so early (9:00 a.m.) so that we could attend the Laptop Institute at the Laussane Collegiate School, we decided to make a pilgramage to Graceland to kill our time. It was quite an experience that will take a few days of reflection to figure out what the experience meant. Here I am, beginning to mediate to determine how to communicate what the experience means, over the King’s favorite meal, a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich. When at Graceland, you have to do what Elvis would have done. Technorati Tags: laptopinstitute […]