Teachers Are Found Everywhere – Learning From Students

When we think of teachers, we often think of the adults in learning community. However, we should never discount what we can learn from our students.

Today, while speaking to a senior about an issue unrelated to technology, I noticed that he was using a web tool that I was unaware of, Flashcard Exchange (www.flashcardexchange.com). He had created a set of flashcards to review for a class of his. What was interesting about this site, as I began to poke around, is that you could create tags for the flashcard sets. This ability to tag your sets allows for others to search for your set and for you to search for other, so that you can take advantage of what others have created.

Thinking that I had stumbled upon a really great tool, I tagged it into my del.icio.us account. Imagine my surprise when I found out that 1845 other users had already located this tool.

This tools looks like a great resource that students can use to create review tools that they can use online. This online access may be something that will appeal to their desire to work more online. You do have the ability to study and play a memory game. With a paid account ($19.95) you can print cards and export them into other applications. Looks promising tool and I think that everyone should take a look at this tool to see how classes can use this tool. I can imagine a time that a homework assignment is for someone or a group in a class to create a set for each unit to help their classmates study and learn.

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