IL-TCE The Wrap Up

Well, the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators has now ended and I am back home. I am wiped out and exhausted. I am also exhilarated from all that I have learned. I want to thank the conference for inviting me to share during the conference. Sometime this weekend, I will share reflections from my sessions and reflections from my conference experience. But tonight, off to the opera to watch my daughter perform with the students at Northwestern University in a performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream by Benjamin Britten. I hope I am able to stay awake for the performance. […]

IL-TCE Gift of Meaningful Contributions

From the Chatzy Room created for the purpose of sharing this site: vvrotny: Welcome to Tim Tyson’s first presentation vvrotny: Limited attendence – too bad Michelle from x.x.x.210 joined the chat 43 minutes ago Michelle: thanks vinny sharonp from x.x.x.33 joined the chat 42 minutes ago vvrotny: Lead off with the Phantom Tollbooth vvrotny: Scence with boy is is three feet up in air, grow downward so that feet touch the ground JenW from x.x.x.186 left this message 41 minutes ago: vvrotny: Milo grows up, changes perspectives, other boy always sees same vvrotny: At age 30 35, 40, 50 do […]

IL-TCE Revenge of the Digital Immigrants

Hall Davidson Kids brains are different. Television commercials shrinking from 60 to 1 second. Radio shrinking from 5 seconds to 1 second Ads in airports – kiosks run 5 second ads Get attention with short linked videos – then move to lesson with more reflection. We have technology to create short videos (6 seconds) about Warren G. Harding. Why was he elected president? In old days, needed water, industrial revolution needed fuel, today we need images. Showing Cable in Classroom ( – sponsored by Comcast. Kids IQs are rising, technologies have changed, from phones to ovens. More problem based learning. […]

IL-TCE Digital Tools: The Sweet Spot in a 1 to 1 Environment

Karen Thompson Live Blogged – forgive any awkward wording and mispellings Springfield, IL 35 Schools – 1500 students When came to technology – had passion and and wonder Where are we going, what does it look like? Rolled TV Rollout – showed students Comic Life, iTunes, GarageBand and cool multi-media tools from the start. “Nothing could be more absurd than an experiment in which computers are placed in a classroom where nothing else has changed” Seeking the sweet spot Putting Skills together with Strengths with a mix of  Spark Using Comic Life to use with experiment procedure. Alphabet Book that […]