A Gem of a Podcast

With a shift towards more instantaneous communications via twitter, it seems that blogs and podcasts seem to have fallen out of favor in the last few months. But for me, the art of reading fully developed thoughts, which are over 140 characters and the listening to conversations remains to be a way that I am able to think and create new thoughts and ideas to test out and implement in my life.

Four weeks ago, a new podcast from an old friend appeared in my aggregator. This podcast, Shifting our Schools, really has caused me to stop, listen, and think about the conversation. Jeff Utecht (The Thinking Stick) from the Shanghai American School and David Carpenter (Lessons Learned) record and post a conversation every two weeks. Each week the conversation centers around an essential question. The first three episodes have been about:

With the help of other great thinkers, including Julie Lindsay (123 Learning), Kim Cofino (Always Learning), Justin Medved (MEDagogy), and Clay Burrell (Beyond School) the discuss the topic, bring great thoughts and insights into the conversation. These conversations cause me to stop and reflect and challenge me to question my assumptions.

The next episode is this upcoming Thursday, February 21st. I am anxiously awaiting to see how I will grow from the upcoming conversation.

3 thoughts on “A Gem of a Podcast

  1. Hey Vinnie — Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to checking these podcasts out! Cheers.

    – Alex

  2. Hi Vinnie. Thanks for sharing this podcast. I hadn’t heard of this one. I’m always looking for quality ones for my long commute. Looking forward to the listen.

  3. I’d like to add my thanks. I really enjoy listening to podcasts on my iPod and hadn’t heard of this one either. What other podcasts are on your list of top listens?


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