Turning a Dream Into Reality

On Saturday, May 17th, for a group of our seniors, a dream became a reality. The embarked on a journey that began in Chicago and was going to take them to Moshe, Tanzania, where they are going to be able experience first hand the growth of a school which they raised funds for. Last year, as juniors, they began the year by reading Three Cups of Tea. I have written many posts about the experiences that we have had, both the students and myself. They are documenting their experience via a TravelBlog.  I hope you take some time to read […]

Guest Post – Kevin Randolph’s Reflections on Start of 13 Days Project

From Kevin Randolph, who is currently not blogging, but hopefully will join the list soon:   Historically the Advanced Placement US History test is given during the first ten days of May and that leaves almost three full weeks of class before our school year ends. I think every AP teacher faces the same dilemma; what to do with the time?   For over fifteen years I have ended my classes with some sort of project. I have elected to do that for a variety of reasons. First, my students were tired of the grind and the information glut that […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-17

busy evening writing. three new posts at http://tinyurl.com/26gaso and one more in progress # last post of the day http://tinyurl.com/6d9gtv. It is a long post, but a reflection of the beginning of a great classroom collaboration # Riding bikes w wife to next town to get summer concert tix at ravinia and purchase beach tokens for summer. Sure hope it warms up soon #

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-16

Relaxing after a long day. Working on two new blog posts, after our visit from Greg Mortenson yesterday. # A great visual, most teachers and students wearing the uniform (sneakers, blue jeans, white shirt) of physics teacher who is retiring #

13 Days Project – Determining the List

[Warning – a long post describing an exhilarating process] The Background I have the pleasure of working with our AP US History teacher, Kevin Randolph, and the students on their final project of the year. I am really excited about this process because it will allow Kevin and I to model and participate in an experience which I believe highlights the tenants and philosophies of what a 21st Century classroom should look like. This experience will allow Kevin, the students, and I to collaborate and share our knowledge as we construct an artifact which is a culminating examination as historians. […]