The Great Conversations That Occur When The Bells Don’t Ring

There are several reasons that I love working during the summers. Part of the appeal is that the weather is still nice and there is still plenty of daylight left when I go home, so that I can still enjoy outdoor activities. I also appreciate the pace of the day, especially when the bells are not ringing every 45 minutes, often denoting the need to change the task that I am doing. I am able to immerse and become engaged in flow if the mood strikes. What I really enjoy is the conversations that I am able to have with […]

Thank you ISTE

Dear ISTE, First, thank you for putting on a great conference. This gathering of educators who are looking to embed technology into their classrooms is one of the highlights of my year. I gather many new ideas and make many great friends from the conversations that you enable me to have by assembling this massive group of people. Secondly, thank you for providing the space for the second EduBloggerCon this year. I had gone to many NECCs in the past, but this single event provided for me more contact with people who inspire me, challenge my thinking, and have helped […]