Innovation and my Google Teacher Academy Application

This morning, I submitted my Google Teacher Academy application. The application process was fairly straight forward, with the exception of the need to create a one minute video on one of the following topics, either Motivation and Learning or Classroom Innovation.

This was the daunting part of the task, especially since I on August 11th, which coincided with the back to school rush. I had two weeks to figure out what my message should be, while at the same time I was having to create the variety of new accounts for each of the six virtual componenets of our North Shore community. What was the message I wanted to share and how could I make my presentation “sticky” enough to make others remember it, since the Academy is selecting only 50 individuals for this opportunity. There are a number of brilliant educators within a 90 minute commute of Chicago, so I know the competition will be stiff.

While riding my bike to work on Friday, I determined what my message should be. Influenced by our Middle School faculty summer reading of The World Is Flat, along the thoughts molded by the three most influencial books that I read this summer, Brain Rules, Here Comes Everybody, and Disrupting Class, I was able to shape a message which I am proud of, given two weeks to create the message.

Here is my message. I have my fingers crossed that the video and my application are worthy enough of an invitation to the Google Teachers Academy. Only time will tell.

Innovations – Google Teacher Academy Submission

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