The Harkness Classroom for the 21st Century

Over the past six months, we have been investigating several converging ideas: Campus Wide Long Range Space Planning Questioning of Schedule and Time in all three of our divisions Discussion of the role of technology – tablets, laptops, projectors, network, and services to support learning These conditions are converging, suggesting that we are nearing a near perfect storm that potentially could transform our learning environments and provide us with the framework which will enable us to enter into our second century of existence in 11 years. I am really excited about the possibilities. Our Head of School has been interested […]

Web 1.5 + Inspiration = Potentially Great Product

One of the tools that I have and enjoyed is Inspiration. I have used this product since 1989, when a forward thinking local school system purchased it for its teachers and I had to train them on how to use it. I have always been a visual thinker, which is one of the reasons that I loved my Macintosh computers and why I think that tablet technology is an increasingly interesting tool for users.  The ability  to create diagrams and then simply create outlines, the ability to export a series a diagram into a web site were some of the […]