A Huge Thanks to the Conveners and Volunteers at K12Online

I want to thank the four conveners, Darren Kuropatwa, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Dean Shareski, and Wes Fryer, the 40 teams of presenters, and all of the unnamed volunteers who gave of their time and energy to put together the K12 Online Conference this year. While the conference has not ended yet (as of this posting), I know from my experience last year how much time, energy, and effort it requires to make this conference the success that it is. In addition to the great content provided, the change I like most is the shift to a 20 minute maximum for each […]

Rethinking Professional Development

I have been thinking about how we deliver technology professional development at our school. There are currently two goals that we are trying to accomplish: Making sure teachers are aware of new tools so that they can become competent users of technology for themselves. Making sure teachers can use these tools to enrich and transform their classroom for the community of learners during that physical time and space. To date, we have employed following methods: Using email/blog to make teachers aware of different tools and sites. We sometimes use this in a broad sweep, sometimes in a targeted fashion. This […]