It is a Small, Interconnected World After All

As an independent school educator, we occasionally get invited to participate to help other schools evaluate themselves. For a school, this process occurs every seven years. Six weeks ago, I accepted an assignment from the Whitfield School in St. Louis to be a part of their visiting team. Each team has a leader, who organizes the efforts of the group of educators who evaluate the school. When I got my first email from the leader our team, I saw the name of the leader and knew there was something that about this person which seemed familiar, but I could not […]

The Whole World Will Be Watching

In this blog, I try to focus on technology and education. But for today, I would like to put this aside and talk about the country, politics, and the United States Election. It was just over 40 years ago today, that our students and young people descended into Grant Park in Chicago, across from the Hilton Hotel, to hold a Festival of Life. Amidst an unpopular war, an economy that was soon to be challenged by foreign companies, the Democrats assembled in Chicago. What emerged was a splintering of the country, and a changing of the guard, from nearly forty […]