Headin’ Towards the Clouds

We have been migrating to Google Apps for Education over the past few months. At this point, we have successfully set up all of our accounts, begun professional development for those who are new to the interface, and have been migrating a great number of our users from Outlook to Google Apps. This is a very exciting time.

As normal, I usually spend most of my time assisting others and not taking care of my own computing needs. So today, I began my personal migration to fully embrace the cloud and move my data. I am first using Google’s email migrator and Google Calendar Synch to move my contacts, mail, and appointments into the cloud. Once that is complete, I will then be installing and using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook so that I can still use Outlook (and hopefully continue to use the ability to create OneNote notes from appointments) and the GTDInbox Tool to better manage my inbox and tasks.

Only six more hours to upload my mail and then to clean out contacts, clean out mail, and better learn how to manage the various aspects of my life.

One thought on “Headin’ Towards the Clouds

  1. Best of luck with the Google Apps roll out. Ours is going well and we have trainings in place for our teachers. Looking forward to comparing notes.

    Safe travels to NECC.

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