Loving the Cloud

Yesterday, I began migrating to the cloud. Now that my data exists in the cloud, I can use the power of the cloud to access my information either via a browser, or hypothetically via a smartphone which I do not yet own, or via Microsoft Outlook. It enables me to use the power of the various tools in the most effective way, hopefully making me better able to manage all of the projects and tasks.

By still using Microsoft Outlook, I am able to:

  • Use the task manager, which is currently more powerful than Google’s offering
  • Have the ability to create a relationship between an appointment in the calendar and Microsoft OneNote, which allows me to more easily organize and retrieve my meeting notes.

Using the GTDInbox Firefox extension allows me to:

  • Add a status label, so I can more easily locate the next tasks that I need to attend to
  • Add a project label, to better manage the multiple projects that I am working on.
  • Add the other labels I need for my organization

Having work in the cloud, well this allows me to access my information in more locations and does not tie me to one specific system.

The process has been working so far. I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to using these tools to hopefully become more productive.

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