Musical Interlude

For the past 27 years, we are fortunate to invite a rising artist at our Morning Ex, and all school assembly that is held every Monday and Wednesday. The name derives from Morning Exercise and used to meet every day, where there were calisthenics and other chances for our founding headmaster, Perry Dunlap Smith, to teach and share with the school community.

This year, the artist who was invited as Molly Yeh, a third year percussion student at Julliard. She went to high school locally here at Glenbrook South. She is a very accomplished musician who played a range of instruments including marimbas, xylophones, a snare drum, and timpani. She played a wide range of music from Bach to contemporary pieces. You can watch her perform on a taping of From the Top at Carnegie Hall.
I enjoyed her energy and enthusiasm. Listening to her was a refreshing change in what we normally hear at this concert, which is normally more classically based with more traditional instruments such as piano, strings, or brass. While I do not normally listen to contemporary percussion, I found it enchanting and would love to hear it again.
I did have to chuckle, when Molly, who was addressing the students, commented that the ragtime piece that she had just played was not like the music that the students were listening to, like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or whoever was currently popular. This coming from a young lady not much older than a large number of those in the audience.
While I watched her play, I was impressed with the passion and artistry that she displayed. Molly has definitely found her passion and it was an honor to be able to enjoy and be inspired by such a talent. If you get a chance to see her play, I would take advantage of it.

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