Today is World IBD Day

Please excuse the personal appeal  – World IBD Day, led by patient organizations representing 27 countries on four continents, will officially be celebrated today, May 19, 2010. Patient groups from the United States, Canada, Australia, 23 European nations, and Brazil are working to draw awareness to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. As part of World IBD Day here in the United States, we’re also celebrating our eighth annual "IBD Day on the Hill," where patient advocates visit Congress to discuss support of important IBD legislation. Here are some fast, easy steps you can take to support World IBD Day: Make […]

McSweeney’s List of Educational Objectives

I Love McSweeneys and try t o read it. As often as possible. I got this from a twitter link today STANDARDIZED TEST LEARNING OBJECTIVES. BY HARLAN STEWART – – – – 1. English Language ArtsHow to read EnglishHow to bubble answers 2. MathHow to read EnglishHow to countHow to bubble answersHow to operate a calculator 3. ScienceHow to read EnglishHow to bubble answersHow to operate a calculatorWear goggles when handling deadly chemicalsClean up after yourself in the lab 4. Social StudiesHow to read EnglishHow to bubble answersHow to regurgitate previously unfamiliar information from a table or mapJamestown was founded […]

Giving Students Choice?

For the record, I believe that students should learn to develop their voice in the medium that is one of their strengths and most effectively tells communicates their story. While reading "Ten Tips for Personalized Learning" on the Edutopia Web site, I ran across the following paragraph: 3. Give Students Options All students shouldn't be required to show their learning the same way. And digital media open up a host of possibilities beyond the traditional essay, poster, report, or quiz. For instance, fourth-grade teacher Kevin Durden gives kids additional choices, such as creating a PowerPoint slide show or a comic […]