A Teacher’s Perspective

Last May, after using our media:scapes with our 11th Grade classes in preparation for our use this year, I shared my reflections as to the advantages of using this new piece of furniture.  In short, media:scapes Using the media:scape provides a central focus point for the group, rather than being hidden behind their individual screens. This promotes collaboration versus isolation. The ease of being able to share and negotiate ideas quickly allows for inclusion of a greater diversity of ideas and promotes more discussion The ease of collaboration shifts the focus towards group collaboration and discussion versus individual contribution. This […]

Celebrating the Whole Child

  Yesterday, the Golf team at North Shore won the school’s first State Championship in the school’s ninety-three year history. What is truly remarkable about this is are one of the smallest high schools, enrollment wise, in the state. This was not an easy victory. After finishing the sectional tied for first, the team went down to the finals as a team for the second time in three years. But, in the state preview, we were not mentioned at all even though we tied for the sectional champions, so we were definitively the underdogs in the tournament.  After the first nine of […]


It pleases me when students (and teachers are learners) are introduced to a skill and then apply it to some other aspect of this life. Last year, it was following up with one student, a junior, who took the skills learned from our audio found poem project to begin a weekly podcast with a friend. Going through the experience in class opened a new world to him. This has led to several additional conversations including those about creating a feed and  how to get the podcast listed on iTunes. On Friday, a second student asked if I had a few […]

Digital Natives ≠ Digital Learners

Over the past two weeks, a recurring theme has emerged. We tend of thinking of “Digital Natives” as being facile users of computers and communications technologies. We assume that they will be able to bring those skills into our classrooms to transform the learning environment, far outpacing the adult members of the community. However, my experience is far different. What I will agree with is that “digital natives” are able to use their devices and networks both for entertainment and for social connections. In many ways, these devices, computers, smartphones, iPods have replaced the old one piece stereo system with […]


This year, I have had the opportunity to re-enter the classroom, being asked to teach our eighth grade pre-algebra course, Foundations of Algebra. When first given the assignment, I was excited to be able to put into practice all that I preach, to shift to a student centered classroom, to provide opportunities for discovery, to allow for differentiation and self-pacing, having students strive for mastery rather than a grade, and to begin to shift to a more blended or flipped classroom experience, with a shift towards more real-world, project based curriculum which would allow these students to experience math in addition to […]