On the Eve of Interim Week

It is the eve before Interim Week at North Shore. I love Interim Week. It gives us a chance to halt the routine and spend a week engaged and immersed in a passion-based project. This year, I am the guide on a Interim called “Innovate, Tinker, Design“. We will be spending the week using the principles of Design Thinking to work a a project yet to be determined. That is part of what we will spend tomorrow determining.

I was scanning my Google Reader when I saw today’s post by Seth Godin, “What Do You Do When You Don’t Know the Answer“. I will be using this as the first reflective prompt in the morning, to get us warmed up. I especially love the the first answer:

“Nothing” is the most common response.

Do nothing until you do know the answer. Study and practice and wait for approval and then do something.

I can’t wait to see what the student’s replies are.

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