Day One – Design Thinking Interim Week Reflections

We had a great day today in our first day of our Interim Week project where we are using the Design Thinking principles to solve a local problem or issue. I had over planned the day (which is significantly better than under planning). Where we spent more time than I expected was determining what project(s) to work on.

In the end, the students decided to work on two projects, one to deal with the number of backpacks which are piled up when we go to a community gathering and to begin to rethink the flow in our cafeteria service area. The students did a great job identifying problems and narrowing them down.

Tomorrow, we begin to research and idealize the problem before beginning to prototype on Wednesday.

You can follow our progress, our process, and our reflections at the blog we set up to document the project at Innovate, Tinker and Design (

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