Playing with a Makey Makey

This morning, one of the students who is in my flex class where we study programming said to me getting out of the car in car line, “I had a lot of fun yesterday. It was cool.” This is a wonderful way to start the day, having a student reflect on an activity from the day before. What prompted this exchange? My pulling out my new Makey Makey interface and setting a challenge for the students to create a game for that our 3 year through our Kindergarten students could play the last week before our Winter Break using Scratch […]

The First 100 Days

Since the Roosevelt Administration (Franklin, not Teddy), presidents have been have been judged on their actions during their first 100 days in office. One only needs to do a Google search for “first 100 days” to find articles tracing the history of this phrase, projections for a potential Romney presidency, and an article from the Harvard Business Review identifying five myths about a CEO’s first 100 days, “when new top executives are under intense scrutiny to prove that they are worthy of the job.” It is with that last lens that I feel compelled to step back and reflect on […]