Along with many other people, New Year’s brings new hope and optimism. Like many others, I made a list of goals, or resolutions, that I intended to try to keep.

Now as the pages of the calendar turn to February, it is a good time to measure how successful I was at implementing the goals which I set. They include:

Read one book a month – status: I have started many, but have yet to complete the first. This one is still reachable.

Participate in the 365 Project – status: I was able to take and upload 17 images in the first 32 days. A bit better than half, but still short of the mark.

Reflect and Write in One of the Blogs I Contribute to at least 5 times a week – status: I didn’t come close to this one at all

Begin to live a healthier lifestyle, including exercise to shed a few some weight – status: I did average exercising 1.5 times a week, but far short of my goal of 3-4 30 minute sessions. As for my weight, at least I didn’t gain any.

So at this point, I am asking to take my mulligan, to have a do-over, to reset and start a fresh in February. Let’s see if I can develop some new, better habits.

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