verb: reboot; 3rd person present: reboots; past tense: rebooted; past participle: rebooted; gerund or present participle: rebooting; verb: re-boot; 3rd person present: re-boots; past tense: re-booted; past participle: re-booted; gerund or present participle: re-booting
  1. (with reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again
    “the new value will not be in force until you reboot the system”
  2. restart or revive (a process or sequence, especially a series of films or television programs); give fresh impetus to.
    “I hope that the filmmakers make the most of the opportunity to reboot the franchise

Over the past weeks while corresponding and advising several others, I have been drawn back to this blog to point others to my past thinking and reflections on a variety of topics. For some of the references, I had to traverse back to 2008. This site has been an essential place to forge and refine my thinking on many topics, allowing me to grow and evolve.

What saddens me is the fact that since I started on my new adventure, picking up stakes and moving to Houston, Texas to become the Director of Technology at the Kinkaid School, that I have not made the time to return back here, to think, reflect, and post. There was a feeble attempt to reboot last year, but I did not sustain myself beyond two posts in the first 15 days. Pathetic.

This does not mean that I have not had new and interesting ideas. No, I have simply not carved out the time. Coming back to point others to my thinking has gotten me excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited to jump in to think, reflect, and share some of my current thinking, disappointed that I have left this site to wither. I realize that this is not as much about me stepping on a soapbox, branding or promoting myself. Rather, the purpose of this site is to make me slow down, to wrestle with issues, to forge new ideas, and to ask the questions that I feel are worth asking and exploring.

So, once again, before the school year begins once again, I am going to try to rekindle the flame. Maybe this time, I will be able sustain the momentum.

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