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pnut sandwichI am Vinnie Vrotny. I am currently the Director of Academic Technology at Quest Academy, a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school with a gifted education focus located in Palatine, IL. Prior to that, I was the Director of Academic Technology at the North Shore Country Day School for 19 years.

As a technology leader, I was originally responsible for all aspects of technology (hardware, software, networking, and web development). As technology’s place in education and learning has grown and changed, so has my role. I am  focused on implementing a 21st Century, technology enriched learning environment for Quest’s gifted learners. I coach and mentor both faculty and students as they learn how to embed technology in their daily lives. In my life as a teacher, in addition to having  taught mathematics, science, engineering, and computer science,  my “students” are not only 3 year olds through eighth grade, but include the adult members of the school community as well. I am also leading Quest’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Science) initiatives. My current project include both a 1:1 Chromebook implementation and the creation of an Innovation Lab, a maker space that students and teachers are using to implement Quest’s STEAM new program.

In July 2013, I was named one of the 25 National Association of Independent School’s (NAIS) 2013-14 Teachers of the Future.

I have been recognized as a Google Certified Teacher and a Google Certified Trainer. He has been  invited as a spotlight speaker at both regional and national conferences, and he co-hosts a bi-weekly webcast, 21st Century Learning  that focuses on the intersection of technology and learning in the 21st Century.

 In my spare time, I also work with the Illinois Science Olympiad board, helping build the tournament schedules for the invitationals, regional, and state tournament, plus help run and score various competitions.
At North Shore, at various times, I have filled the following responsibilities:
  • create the school timetable
  • advise our school’s yearbook, the Mirror
  • coach our Science Olympiad teams
  • an adviser to a group of high school students
  • teach one computer science course in our High School

email – vvrotny@gmail.com
skype ID – vvrotny
twitter ID – vvrotny
Diigo – vvrotny

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