Where O’ Where Has My Sunday Paper Gone?

I know I was not your typical teenager. Somehow, I developed a love of the Sunday newspaper, especially the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. But it didn’t really matter, as long as it was a paper not from my hometown of Detroit. As Joe Jackson, one of my favorite singers during that time in my life, sang in the song “Sunday Papers” from the album Look Sharp in 1979, But every weekend through the door Come words of wisdom from the world outside Every Sunday, I would spend two – three hours reading the news of the world, […]

On Demand PD – Technology Resolutions

In order to beat the Winter Blahs, the Library and Technology Staff challenged the faculty and staff to set a personal technology learning goal. We emailed the following to members of our school community: Make and Keep a Technology New Year’s Resolution New Year’s Day is a great time to set new goals and start creating new habits. Did you set a personal technology learning goal for the New Year? Did you receive a new camera for the holidays and you need to learn how to download or edit the pictures? Is there a technology topic, such as setting up […]

Competing for Attention

Today we assembled as a faculty to kick-off the 2008-2009 academic year. This is an exciting day, especially for those of us who work most of the year, as old faculty return with tales of adventures from the previous ten weeks and we welcome in the new members of the teaching community at school. Like many schools, we begin the year highlighting the themes and topics that we will address for the upcoming year. Last year, the school created a new strategic plan which outlined the areas of exploration for us for the upcoming year. There are three areas of […]

Learning 2.0 – My personal experiences

Over the past 36 hours, I have had several profound learning experiences. First, I have been trying to experience as much of the Learning 2.0 conference which was going on in Shanghai on both Friday and Saturday evenings.  Like members of my learning community, Carolyn Foote, Jennifer Wagner, Clarence Fisher, and David Jakes, I have been trying to follow the forums on the Ning which has been set up at the conference, following the messages on twitter, and trying to catch rides in the Elluminate rooms so that I could connect and learn. On Saturday morning, after reading a twitter […]