On Demand PD – Technology Resolutions

In order to beat the Winter Blahs, the Library and Technology Staff challenged the faculty and staff to set a personal technology learning goal. We emailed the following to members of our school community: Make and Keep a Technology New Year’s Resolution New Year’s Day is a great time to set new goals and start creating new habits. Did you set a personal technology learning goal for the New Year? Did you receive a new camera for the holidays and you need to learn how to download or edit the pictures? Is there a technology topic, such as setting up […]

Living and Learning with New Media Report Released

The Digital Youth Research (digitalyouth.ischool.berkeley.edu) group, a group of USC and Cal-Berkeley reseachers working with a MacArthur Foundation Grant, released their Living and Learning with New Media report. Included with in the release was a two page summary of their findings, a white paper report prepared for the MacArthur Foundation, and an online book (chapter by chapter links). The introduction to the white paper states: Digital media and online communication have become pervasive in the lives of youth in the United States. Social network sites, online games, video-sharing sites, and gadgets such as iPods and mobile phones are now fixtures […]

Life Magazine Photo Archive Hosted by Google

You can now access millions of photographs from the Life Magazine photo archives in a Google Image Search. Google, in partnership with Life has now made these photographs, many which have never been published available. You can access these images by either going to http://images.google.com/hosted/life or by adding “source:life” to any Google image search. These images are quality and can now be used for inclusion in many digital story-telling projects.

Learning by Observing

It is 4:30 a.m. and I am wide awake, with many idea fragments and thoughts running through my brain. I cannot sleep and have to capture these kernals and observations so that I can retrieve them for the daunting task which I am currently facing, which is to act as an unbiased mirror, reflecting and confirming the observations of another school. I am both excited and giddy about the intense process which I am currently undertaking and will be doing so for the next 96 hours. It provides for me an opportunity for  professional development which is enriching and exciting. […]

It is a Small, Interconnected World After All

As an independent school educator, we occasionally get invited to participate to help other schools evaluate themselves. For a school, this process occurs every seven years. Six weeks ago, I accepted an assignment from the Whitfield School in St. Louis to be a part of their visiting team. Each team has a leader, who organizes the efforts of the group of educators who evaluate the school. When I got my first email from the leader our team, I saw the name of the leader and knew there was something that about this person which seemed familiar, but I could not […]