Rethinking time

Over the past seven months, in addition to my duties and responsibilities as the Director of Academic Technology, I have had the opportunity to become the Scheduler for our High School. I really do enjoy the intellectual challenge of fitting the pieces of student requests and faculty desires into the puzzle and come out with something that works. Today, while meeting with the Upper School division head, he threw out an interesting challenge. Based upon the following three objectives, each on their merit are worthy projects: The desire to create time for faculty to collaborate with each other and provide […]

200 More Reasons to Invest in the Future

I was having a conversation with a group of juniors who were getting ready for their read-a-thon which is this Sunday to raise funds for the Kilimanjaro English Nursery School when they shared something which astonished me. The man who runs the school who is known as”Teacher”, Edward Lazaro cannot run the school full-time. In order to make ends meet for himself and for his students, he is required to help guide climbers up Mt. Kilimanjaro. From a western perspective, the sad part of this story is that he would only need a $200 per month salary in order to […]

Facilitating New Converstations

One of the errors that I when creating a document is typing my title as the Director of Academic Teachnolgoy, rather than the Director of Academic Technology. I do not know if somewhere in my brain that this is an intended slip, because I believe that the way to best integrate technology into the curriculum is to provide opportunities for teachers to a.) develop individual technology learning goals and provide the pathway and opportunities to reach those goals and b.) to be involved in discussions around curriculum and curricular change early in the process, so that technology can be woven […]

Winding Down for the Holidays – Not

With seven school days left before Winter Break, I am usually wrapping up the new initiatives that we began planning in March and April, implementing in May, June, July, and August, and then training and utilizing in the fall. This year, however, there are five projects that we will require my time and attention over the winter break that I am really excited about and looking forward to develop. 1. Reflection: What Does Vietnam Mean This is a project beginning in December and running until January 23rd. I will be working with our US History teacher, students, and librarian. I […]

Playing While at School

This fall, I have had the most invigorating educational experiences that I have had in recent memory. I will focus on two that exemplify playing while at school, which is a really motivating way for all (teachers and students) to learn and have led to enhancements and curricular modifications which I feel will enhance the students experience. Sketchup The first example occurred in October. The majority of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders had a wonderful opportunity to work with Jim Papoulis, creating and recording a song. Our Lower School head asked if I could come up with an activity […]