The Power of Audience – Diversity Day Update

Nearly one month ago, we put aside the normal timetable in our high school for a special day of programming, Diversity Day. Diversity Day is a student organized and executed day which we explore various aspects of different topics. This year’s Diversity Day theme was Pluralism in Storytelling. As faculty members, we were asked to propose a workshop session for the day. This year, eighteen students and I talked about the power of audience. Due to the rapid changes in networked technology,it has become easier now for a story to spread world wide. Because of: the power of connections in […]

Clarification about My Wife

My wife has asked me to make a clarification. As a classically trained pianist, she wants my readers to know she knows how to read music. In fact, her sight-reading is quite excellent. My comments were focused more on the memorization of the music. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Teaching the Old Music Teacher New Tricks

I am teaching students about musical intelligence and how it is woven in the world, not teaching musicians. My wife continues her transformation as a teacher. At breakfast, she shared the above quote with me over a great meal at our favorite breakfast restaurant. She also was excited, sharing other insights that she has gained over the last few days. She discovered YouTube and the fact she could learn music by watching videos. This after an evening of hearing the chords of Benny and the Jets for a couple hours last night. “I have learned memorized three songs in two […]