Spring Break Arrives – Time for Cleaning

For me, both personally and professionally, it has been a challenging year. This is especially true from late October through today, when it seems that I am along for the ride, rather than being in control of my life. I am hopeful that these next two weeks allows for time to rest, rejuvenation, and reflection. I am aiming to completing many tasks on the home to-do list, do clean out the drafts bin of this blog, and to begin to plan for the upcoming 60 weeks, getting ready for the 2008-2009 academic year.

Rising Above the White Noise

Note – This year, our school newspaper has asked and given the opportunity for faculty to share an article or an op-ed. This is my original that I am submitting to the staff for consideration: The world is a significantly different place than when I was going to high school thirty years ago. When I was growing up, there were fewer items vying for my attention. There were only 5 major broadcast television networks (3 American and 2 Canadian) plus 3 UHF Independent Stations, versus 187 regular channels plus another 90 HD signals. If you wanted to listen to music […]