Paying it Forward / Paying Back

One week ago, on Wednesday, November 20th, I had the unique opportunity to engaged in two online experiences which simultaneously allowed me to both repay individuals who have been instrumental in the recent success that I am enjoying while at the same time, hopefully, pay it forward to encourage and inspire others. Encouraged by another “yoda” of mine, Bud Hunt, who challenged people to say something nice, I am taking a few moments out of my day today, on American Thanksgiving, to acknowledge and reflect on my experiences last week. During the evening, Kevin Jarrett asked me to participate in […]

Going Chromebook and Hangouts – Pt 1

This post is a dual part 1, both for the use of Chromebooks and for the use of Google Hangouts. Earlier, I received the following from a colleague, who gave permission for me to share this (edited for a student’s privacy) I just want to share a very exciting experience that the Phoenix (5th) class is having this week. A new student is unable to attend school this week for family reasons. However, thanks to technology help from Vinnie [me], advice from a middle school history teacher, the support of administration, and the fifth grade Specials teachers, this new student […]

Creating a Maker Mindset – K12 Online

One of the pure joys that I had this fall was working with my colleague, Sheryl Peterson, to create our K12 Online Conference presentation, STEAM: Creating A Maker Mindset. The K12 Online Conference is in its eighth year and this is the second time that I have had the pleasure of presenting. This conference presentation is difficult to plan for. Unlike a face-to-face experience, as a presenter you are unable to “read” the audience to see if they are accepting of the ideas. Unlike a webinar, the asynchronous nature of this conference does not allow for any audience interaction like you would […]

The Reason I Have Not Been Posting

In looking back, it has been over seven years that I have been reflecting on teaching and learning and the way that educational technology and communications tools can leverage and amplify the opportunities that are available to all learners, students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Over the past five months, I have not taken the time to regularly pause and reflect. This does not mean that I have not had any thoughts and ideas. On the contrary, my mind has been racing as we have implemented an extraordinary number of initiatives over the last 20 weeks. I have a large number […]