Innovation Lab – The Space

In previous posts, I have shared our goals to create opportunities to leverage a  maker mindset, the Vision 20/20 framework we adopted for our learning/technology planning, and learning goals for Quest’s gifted student population. It was the convergence of these ideas that have led us to create our Innovation Lab, the transformation and re-purposing of our computer lab. This post will focus on the physical environment and my next post on this topic will delve into the curricular changes that will leverage this space and have a huge impact on student learning. Once we adopted our Vision 20/20 framework, we […]

Construction has Begun

Cross posted on Most future updates will be posted there rather than here, with the exception of major milestones. After a spring and summer of planning and purchasing, the sounds of drills are announcing the official start of the transformation of our new Innovation Lab. The crew today is beginning to work on updating the ventilation system in the lab. This upgrade will provide for better airflow within the space. In the middle of the room, you will also see the new ceiling tiles which will also be installed in the space. Additionally, Sheryl Peterson and I have met […]

Innovation Lab – Two Goals for Gifted Students

Continuing my series on the genesis of our Innovation Lab, today, I want to focus on  two goals we have for our gifted students.  It has now been one year since I have moved to my current post at Quest Academy. Quest Academy was established in 1982 to provide an appropriate learning environment for gifted children whose educational needs were not being well served by their local public schools. The school currently enrolls over 290 students, preschool through 8th grade, from over 72 different Chicago area communities. We have communicated two goals that we want to come from the creation of […]