Why Teacher’s Don’t Need to Do Before Using

Ryan Bretag, the Director of Technology at neighboring Glenbrook North, presented with David Jakes this past weekend at EduCon. During their session, Ryan stated: I’m one that believes teachers should be actively engaged in most of the things they bring into the classroom especially when it comes to various pieces of participatory media. For example, I tend to see blogging as critical for teachers to be actively engaged with if they are to expect their students to do it. In his most recent blog post, Teacher’s First, he was reflecting about the comment from a virtual guest, as shared by […]

On Demand PD – Technology Resolutions

In order to beat the Winter Blahs, the Library and Technology Staff challenged the faculty and staff to set a personal technology learning goal. We emailed the following to members of our school community: Make and Keep a Technology New Year’s Resolution New Year’s Day is a great time to set new goals and start creating new habits. Did you set a personal technology learning goal for the New Year? Did you receive a new camera for the holidays and you need to learn how to download or edit the pictures? Is there a technology topic, such as setting up […]

My EduCon Experience – Thank You, Chris Lehmann

Once again, this weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a great learning experience. First off, my hat is off to Chris Lehmann and the students, faculty and staff at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia for organizing and putting together EduCon. For the past three years, I have helped organize a Science Olympiad invitational for 20 schools (500+ students). It is a great undertaking, taking tremendous support and volunteers to make the event successful. From everything that I have heard, the event was spectacular, with minimal issues. Quite a task to host almost 400 educators for an entire […]

My Technology Resolution – Taking a Second Chance

In my last post, I asked the faculty and staff if they had created a technology goal that they wanted to learn. Wanting to be a good role model, I decided that I had to set a technology resolution also. My resolution is to give Second Life a second chance. 18 months ago, I dipped my toes into Second Life, but at that time, I didn’t see the educational implications. I just didn’t get it. The last time I had this experience is with Twitter. I had created an account and began to play with it, but just didn’t get […]