Turning a Dream Into Reality

On Saturday, May 17th, for a group of our seniors, a dream became a reality. The embarked on a journey that began in Chicago and was going to take them to Moshe, Tanzania, where they are going to be able experience first hand the growth of a school which they raised funds for. Last year, as juniors, they began the year by reading Three Cups of Tea. I have written many posts about the experiences that we have had, both the students and myself. They are documenting their experience via a TravelBlog.  I hope you take some time to read […]

The Power of the Words and Blogs

Blogging is a very powerful tool. All of you who do it already know this. We have all heard of examples where this medium has made the world smaller, especially Will Richardson’s and his student’s experience with Sue Monk Kidd and Eric Langhorst’s experiences with Guerilla Season.  I have my own experience to share. I am a new blogger. One of my earlier posts was my excitement being able to work with the juniors in my class on a service learning project after reading Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea. Over the winter holiday, a comment from Greg appeared on […]

200 More Reasons to Invest in the Future

I was having a conversation with a group of juniors who were getting ready for their read-a-thon which is this Sunday to raise funds for the Kilimanjaro English Nursery School when they shared something which astonished me. The man who runs the school who is known as”Teacher”, Edward Lazaro cannot run the school full-time. In order to make ends meet for himself and for his students, he is required to help guide climbers up Mt. Kilimanjaro. From a western perspective, the sad part of this story is that he would only need a $200 per month salary in order to […]

How Three Cups of Tea Changed my Life

Being a student advisor is one of the roles at school that I enjoy nearly as much as teaching teachers and students about how to integrate technology into their lives. Every summer, I tryto read one of the selections that my advisees are asked to read for their summer reading project so that we can have a shared experience. This past summer, I choose to read the selection for the junior English class, since the majority of my advisees were rising juniors and it was recommended by our junior English teacher. This year’s selection was Three Cups of Tea by […]