ISTE 11 – A Call to a Action

As I awaken very early on Saturday morning for which ISTE begins, some of my thoughts are gaining clarity for me. Is this ISTE once again going to be a call to action, a call to a Revolution? If so, what will be the call? I think this as this is the third time that in my memory that the conference has been in an Eastern pre-Revolutionary War town steeped with such history. In 1994, I was at NECC in Boston. It was the first indication that this concept called the Internet was becoming available to all and I signed […]

3 Lessons a Storm Taught Me

On Tuesday evening at my home, we experienced a storm front that packed 80+ mph winds that knocked down a number of tree limbs. It caused our electric power to go down for 31 hours. Here are three lessons that this storm: As adult citizens in the western world, we have become increasingly dependent on battery powered devices for communication and entertainment. Having to ration my use of the  phone in mypockets, my iPads for reading, and computers for accessing email and Facebook was not easy. Last evening, we went to friends toting all of our devices to “borrow” electricity to […]

8 Tips for ISTE Attendees

In less than a week, I will be heading out the door to attend my 12th NECC/ISTE conference, attending my first in 1993 (pre-Internet days). I am really looking forward to the conference although my experience has changed. This year, I will be involved with the ISTE Independent School Special Interest Group (SIG-IS) leadership which I volunteered for this winter and conducting two 3 hour workshops, one Monday and one on Tuesday. My goal for ISTE is to maintain a balance between my own learning, connecting with others while living a rounded lifestyle. In order to achieve those goals, I […]