Filming – Day One

Today was a productive day. I spent the morning clearing the immediate items off of my desk. I accompanied one half of our 5th Graders on their filming day. Today’s group is responsible for telling the story of Little India. There were no major technical difficulties, so I was able to shadow two groups of students. One group was trying to tell the story of variety of dialects in language and filmed a number of small book stores which carried books in a variety of languages. The second group of students is responsible for telling the story of immigrants. Both […]

Hanging on so I don’t fall off the Rutabaga Cart

An old Upper School head, Paul Perkinson, used to remark at this point in time of the year, that it was “important to hang on so you don’t fall off of the rutabaga cart as it flies downhill towards the end of the school year.” This year promises to be no different. This week alone, I am wrapping up meetings to determine our priorities for summer acquisitions, beginning to plan for summer professional development opportunities begin working on creating our high school schedule begin to identify yearbook editors for next year go on two field trips to make sure that […]

Notes from the PC Tablet Roundtable

These are my notes from the PC Tablet Roundtable held at the Lake Forest Country Day School. Notes for the proceedings can be found on the Roundtable wiki. At Lake Forest Country Day School, they have seen use of classnotes and journal as being helpful. Glenbrook North (GBN), uses airliner with Texas Instruments integrated with SMARTBoard. It makes it exciting. We are using it in our 8th Grade Math class and need to implement with our new High School mathmetics teachers. Addison District 4 (4) has scanned all transparencies for tablet users so that teachers can use. IT department took […]

Birth of a New Blogger

My wife is a k-5 Music Teacher. Now that her major musical is finished, she was wanting to know how to create a blog like a collegue of hers. So, I sat down with her, created created her blog, and showed her how to add a post. She is now a certified blogger. Check out her progress at Grass Lake Music Teacher and welcome her to the family!

A Sense of Pride and Satisfaction

As someone whose mission is to empower others so that they feel comfortable integrating technology on their own, it is gratifying when teachers and students begin to think of ways that they can utilize the tools and then do so on their own. Today, I had one of those experiences. Kevin Randolph (, one of our history teachers whom I have been collaborating with on a variety of different projects, sent me this email last Friday: <a student who struggles>……yes <student name>, wondered in class Tuesday if we could create a folder where students (in their class) could share information […]