I Am Fortunate

At North Shore, I am fortunate to work with division heads and teachers who trust my word and enthusiasm. So much so that I have been asked to plan a two day “retreat” with the administrators to do a hands on workshop with them to teach them about web 2.0 technologies and I was able to get two teacher to commit and two definite maybes for a workshop in three weeks on a Friday night and Saturday without advanced warning. I am really excited that they are willing to become learners and commit the time necessary to do so. What […]

Today (Thursday) Was A Great Day

I am often asked by my daughter what exactly do I do during the course of a day at school, since I only teach one class. Today was one of those days when I got to experience the fruits of all of the hard work that I have done this year, laying the groundwork for teachers to begin to think about their curriculum and technology in new and interesting ways. The day started like most. Once I settled and unpacked my laptop, I turned it on to check my email. One of the messages that was awaiting me was a […]