A Sense of Pride and Satisfaction

As someone whose mission is to empower others so that they feel comfortable integrating technology on their own, it is gratifying when teachers and students begin to think of ways that they can utilize the tools and then do so on their own. Today, I had one of those experiences. Kevin Randolph (krandolph@nscds.org), one of our history teachers whom I have been collaborating with on a variety of different projects, sent me this email last Friday: <a student who struggles>……yes <student name>, wondered in class Tuesday if we could create a folder where students (in their class) could share information […]

North Shore’s Vision for the Future

My Information Technology Director, Mike Peccia, and I have been asked to meet with our Head of School and the three division heads so that we can plan for the upcoming year. In preparation for this meeting, we have brainstormed many ideas and have come to the conclusion that we have to look beyond next year, as we begin to plan. In our presentation, we present our vision for the future and the obstacles and challenges that we have identified which need to be addressed and prioritized in order fulfill our vision. I am sharing this draft as a sounding […]