My Internal Clock needs to be Patched

For the last seven years, the switch to Daylight Savings time has either occurred during our Spring Break, either in the middle weekend or the last weekend. This is one of the benefits of a two week break. This means that my internal clock has had a chance to adjust to the fact it is darker in the morning, making it harder to wake up. I definately enjoy the benefits of having daylight longer. The switch during the final weeks before Spring Break, with our yearbook deadlines and our Science Olympiad Regional event, which this year was a 15 hour […]

I haven’t been neglecting my blogging…

I have been involved in two major projects, one professional and one personal which have eaten all of my time over the past week. I am the adviser to our school’s yearbook, the Mirror. Our final deadline to get this year’s edition to the plant in order to guarantee our spring delivery is today, February 28th. Most of my available time, during the school day, the evenings, and the weekend have been devoted to guiding our students through crunch time. It looks like we will have have 80% of the book in today, with the remaining 20% completed over the […]

Professional Learning Tuesday

I have settled into a routine over the past six to seven weeks, kind of a personal Professional Learning Tuesday, where I spend a significant amount of listening time over at I have a hectic morning with scheduled meetings and classes. I then try to settle in to listen to Alex Ragone (Learning Blog) and Arvind Grover (21 Apples) on their webcast, 21st Century Learning at 12:30 p.m. They have great guests and since they are also independent school educators, provide prospectives on issues that we are wrestling with daily. In the evening, I settle down to listen to […]

Advisor’s Note – Trying to Define What Our School Community Means?

One of the responsibilities, in addition to being the Director of Academic Technology, is being the lead advisor on our school’s yearbook, the Mirror. I love working with students to document and develop a journalistic approach to document and tell the story of the year’s events. Creating this “old fashioned” print record is an interesting juxtaposition to providing leadership in using emerging the new Web 2.0 methods of documenting and communicating. Each year, we pick a concept or a theme to use as a prism to view the year’s events. This year, we have selected the concept of community as […]