I haven’t been neglecting my blogging…

I have been involved in two major projects, one professional and one personal which have eaten all of my time over the past week. I am the adviser to our school’s yearbook, the Mirror. Our final deadline to get this year’s edition to the plant in order to guarantee our spring delivery is today, February 28th. Most of my available time, during the school day, the evenings, and the weekend have been devoted to guiding our students through crunch time. It looks like we will have have 80% of the book in today, with the remaining 20% completed over the weekend.

My wife, who is an elementary school music teacher  in two different school districts, had the second of the four performances she is responsible for directing last evening. This one was her First Grade Program. I have been helping her edit her program, make a banner for the back of the stage, making sure videotaping and cameras were charged, and videotaping and lending as much support as I can. In addition, she is working on her third performance, a musical in her other school, so I am also cooking, cleaning, and trying to help with other household duties.

Tomorrow I am attending the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators in St. Charles. I will miss meeting up with Cheryl Toledo, who is coordinating the EduBloggerCon group gathering this evening.

I do have multiple new projects to report on, including an update on the Parting Waters Project, the Sound Poem project, and our Fifth Grade Mayan Project using Google Sketchup.

I ask you to be patient and return back soon, hopefully as early as this weekend when I have a chance to catch up and breathe.

One thought on “I haven’t been neglecting my blogging…

  1. Vinnie, one week and you are already writing an apology note for not posting? Yikes, we know you’re a teacher and a technologist, we can use our imagnations to think about what you’ve been buried under. Nonetheless, looking forward to your next post as always…

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