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I have settled into a routine over the past six to seven weeks, kind of a personal Professional Learning Tuesday, where I spend a significant amount of listening time over at I have a hectic morning with scheduled meetings and classes. I then try to settle in to listen to Alex Ragone (Learning Blog) and Arvind Grover (21 Apples) on their webcast, 21st Century Learning at 12:30 p.m. They have great guests and since they are also independent school educators, provide prospectives on issues that we are wrestling with daily.

In the evening, I settle down to listen to the Women of Web 2.0, a conversation moderated by Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher), Jennifer Wagner (Technospud), Sharon Peters (Musing About Teaching High School, Social Computing and Ed Tech), and Cheryl Oakes ( They have been interviewing great thinkers and educational leaders, such as Terry Friedman and Julie Lindsay.

Yesterday was a bit different. I listened to the Women of Web 2.0 while editing yearbook pages, as our final deadline is less than one week away, and instead of just listening to Alex and Arvind, I had the pleasure of being their guest. We had a great conversation about the powerful role that parents play in partnering with Ed Tech educators, since students spend more time outside of school than in school, and the need to educate parents about the new issues surrounding the new tools, so that parents can make informed decisions about their children’s use of technology rather than ones our of ignorance or naiveté. It was amazing how quickly an hour plus disappeared when engaged in great conversation. I had a great time and am really honored that they asked me to participate in the conversation.

Now, time to deal with  a wacky Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Professional Learning Tuesday

  1. You are really becoming part of the conversation and are doing a great job with your parent education course! You are a wonderful addition to the edublogsphere!

  2. Vinnie, just wanted to say thanks for being on the show. You are a great resource for our listeners. I think we are all trying to push the boundaries of how effective our schools can be, and your parent education program is wonderfully innovative. Looking forward to hearing more after you have some time to watch it.

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