Where are the Clearinghouses to Allow Teachers and Classrooms to Connect with One Another?

Richard Kassissieh (kassblog.com ) shared and interesting post about Global Ed and Technology. I agree with his assertions that  the use of lower quality connections as being as valuable as higher tech solutions. One reason is that it is more easily accessible in other parts of the world. You are more likely to find someone in Africa who can download skype (for free) and connect than to expect them to be able to purchase a more costly solution. Jim Heynderickx, ( k12converge.com) commenting on Richard’s post, brings up a great concern of mine, which is finding partners outside of our […]

Which comes first, acquisition of technology skills or using technology skills for deeper inquiry?

Ah, Arvind Grover asks in his most recent blog posts Should We Teach Software Skills, How to we blend learning skills with higher order thinking? Do we teach kids PowerPoint or do we teach them how to make fantastic presentations using digital tools? If you say obviously the latter, can you do that without a digital slideshow tool like PowerPoint? And if you do, don’t you need to teach them that tool? While someone above argued that we are using overkill tools to teach our kids (which I agree with), I don’t think we are going to find a totally […]