North Shore’s Vision for the Future

My Information Technology Director, Mike Peccia, and I have been asked to meet with our Head of School and the three division heads so that we can plan for the upcoming year. In preparation for this meeting, we have brainstormed many ideas and have come to the conclusion that we have to look beyond next year, as we begin to plan. In our presentation, we present our vision for the future and the obstacles and challenges that we have identified which need to be addressed and prioritized in order fulfill our vision. I am sharing this draft as a sounding […]

I Am Fortunate

At North Shore, I am fortunate to work with division heads and teachers who trust my word and enthusiasm. So much so that I have been asked to plan a two day “retreat” with the administrators to do a hands on workshop with them to teach them about web 2.0 technologies and I was able to get two teacher to commit and two definite maybes for a workshop in three weeks on a Friday night and Saturday without advanced warning. I am really excited that they are willing to become learners and commit the time necessary to do so. What […]

Today (Thursday) Was A Great Day

I am often asked by my daughter what exactly do I do during the course of a day at school, since I only teach one class. Today was one of those days when I got to experience the fruits of all of the hard work that I have done this year, laying the groundwork for teachers to begin to think about their curriculum and technology in new and interesting ways. The day started like most. Once I settled and unpacked my laptop, I turned it on to check my email. One of the messages that was awaiting me was a […]

The Frustrations and Exhilaration of my Virtual Presentation

Yesterday, I had the opportunity present to Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s pre-service class at the College of William and Mary. At the conclusion, I was both frustrated and exhilarated. I was frustrated by the number of problems and issues that I experienced while using Elluminate. Some of the problems were due to my lack of understanding of how to best use Elluminate. Knowing what I do now, I would use different methodologies in order to comply with the environment. I attribute some of the issues to the “technology gremlins” which always seem to make themselves know when trying to pull off a […]

Coming back from Hiatus

A little more than two weeks ago, when I was looking forward to breaking away from the hectic routine of school and settle into the relaxed routine of an extended break, I anticipated being able to catch up with projects, spending time blogging, and wrapping up and reporting on many of the projects which were initiated and completed during the winter. However, personal issues arose which kept me from fulfilling my goal of getting back to blogging. The day that break was to begin, my father was hospitalized for a six day period. We just returned from having Easter dinner […]